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Modern living with aluminium works

Feng Xiang Aluminium is a reputable and reliable aluminium cabinet supplier that exist in the aluminium industry for many years. We provide all kinds of home aluminium solutions to you such as Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets, Aluminium Wardrobe, Aluminium TV Cabinets, Aluminium Shoes Cabinet, Glass Showcase, Performance Sliding Doors, Performance Folding Doors, Multipoint Casement Windows etc. We are committed to providing a customized aluminium renovation design at a reasonable price to you. We hope to become your exclusive house aluminium cabinet expertise that assists you to create your ideal house. Shall you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

The true art of living

Accomplish an ideal and quality living are the philosophy of our company. In Feng Xiang Aluminium, we keep innovate and provide the latest products to fulfill the growing demand of modern living and market needs.

Why choose us


We aim to provide our customer quality and valuable product. That’s why we take exquisite workmanship so important to us.

  • Quality work and service.
  • We care of every inch.


We have completed all kinds of projects, experience in handling all kinds of aluminum works from residence to commercial.

  • 100+ Projects completed.
  • All kind's aluminium works.


Listening and understanding your need is important to us. Whenever you have any question, we will answer you patiently.

  • Well understanding.
  • Provide best solution.

What we do

Aluminium Louvers

Fixed Glasses

Multi-point Casement Window

Performance Folding Door

Aluminium TV Cabinet

Aluminium Shoe Cabinet

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Exceptional home with aluminium art

There’s much more we can do such as aluminium door, window, aluminium kitchen cabinet, aluminium wardrobe, aluminium TV cabinet, aluminium shoes cabinet, glass showcase and more! Find out more with our catalogue today!